Indian Antiques Furniture Soul Of Home!

When it comes to selecting that particular vintage look for your house, the first thing that clicks in our mind is our preference and personal taste. There is a lot of variety available to choose from and there are ultimately no rules when it comes to making the selection as to what should be there and what should not to your personal space.

One of the most popular styles in furniture is no doubt, a vintage look. So here we are at the mother of pearl inlay furniture, offering you the best vintage interior look in the market. We specialize in inlay furniture, homewares, reclaimed furniture, and resin home décor. We Elephanta exports located at Surajpole, Udaipur, Rajasthan, offers an exclusive and exquisite range of antique furniture which is a very unique blend of Indian and contemporary reflections.

Elephanta Exports carry the eco-friendly way to commission the furniture and select out the item that looks best or match the existing antiques. The antique raw material is carried with the utmost care and therefore restored by very skilled craftsmen to retain the uniqueness of your furniture. The very unique yet the traditional process of restoration and the irreplaceable final finish of the antiques we work on are the core of our success. Our customer chooses the very unique pieces they want and therefore it is customized according to their needs.

Elephanta Exports manufactures custom made furniture according to the design and shape are given by our clients with that we provide our customers with the facility of designing as per their requirements.

We are proud to put our best to handmade antique Indian furniture, crafted with the finest quality wood material which purely enhances their utility and functionality. So just come and experience it all for yourself.