If you are planning to recreate the whole furniture of your home, then the bone inlay furniture is the new obsession!! If you haven’t heard about bone inlay furniture before then you must know about its origin and how one can use them to decorate the space with it.

The art of bone inlay is very complicated and timeless which is being practiced down by generations from many years in Jodhpur, Udaipur, and many other regions of Rajasthan in India. Bone Inlay furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, and mirrors are the origins in the palaces of Maharajas in Rajasthan.

There are many types of Bone Inlay Furniture are available which you can use to recreate-

  • Bone Inlay Side Tables – These tables are kept beside your bed so you can keep books, night creams, etc.
  • Bone Inlay Cabinets – These come under different types, patterns, and colors. Where ever you put them, they will provide a splendid look.
  • Centre Tables – Bone Inlay Centre Tables make the dining room looks more alive. It looks more perfect when they get paired-up with Bone Inlay chairs or sofas.

There are many types of Bone Inlay Furniture like- Bone Inlay Sideboards, Bone Inlay Side tables, Bone Inlay Stool, and many more.

Now let’s discuss how you can recreate the whole furniture with it!!

  1. Choose the right color – Colour is the primary and most important part when it comes to the recreation of furniture. Decent the color, astonishing will be the look of the furniture. Elephanta Exports are having a wide variety of bone inlay furniture which goes perfectly with the color shade of your home.
  2. Space – Make a visual image in the mind in which you decide where you want the particular furniture to be kept. Understand the space requirement in the mind makes the recreation much easier.
  3. Lighting Effects – Either natural or artificial, lights play an essential role to bring out the effect of Bone Inlay Furniture.
  4. Buying it from the right manufacturer – It is very important to know every detail before investing in the home furniture. Buying it from the right manufacture makes your purchase worth it.

Elephanta Exports provides a wide variety of Bone Inlay Furniture in various styles, colors, and with no quality compromise. Due to their skilled staff, they provide customized furniture also.